Sunday, 13 August 2006

50 kilo walk challenge!!

Wow what a day...

Got up at 9.30am this morning and it was great to be able to sleep in he he he well sort of.. we were disturbed like 5 times before that.

My friend Delwyn popped around for a coffee and then she came for a drive with me to take my mum shopping and then to pick up my brother in law as he was stranded at a one night stands place he he he he and all we could do was give him hell about it... soooo funny.

Then got home to make WW muffins OMG OMG Corbin chose really well with these muffins.. they don't look that wonderful but they tasted DEVINE.

They are called Spinach, Feta and Sundried Tomato Muffins and they were yummmmmy.


After lunch we got ready to make our pasta with the new pasta maker.. we all had so much fun making the pasta... it was kinda like playing with playdoe and all the little machines to squish it he he he..



CM cooking

We had fun that is for sure!!! And it was sooo yummmy too that is for sure he he he.

Soooo.... here it is the final part of the challenge this week!!!

My trainer Crusher took up the challenge last week to walk with 50 kilos if I did 5 times on the Cross trainer for 10 minutes with arms and I succeeded in doing that and so today was the day that she had to get out there with the weight.

OMG I couldn't do it to her!!! I couldn't it was too much and she wouldn't have been able to carry the whole lot but she did carry 27 kilos... it was 15 kilos in a bag on her back and 12 kilos in hand weights. OMG she did it!!! she is such an inspiration I just cannot tell ya.. I am soooo proud to have her as my trainer... what a gutsy trainer she is SHE ROCKS It makes me even more determined to work harder and harder too. So anyway... she walked the 4 km's and others from Lean and my hubby and kids and Kris and her hubby and kids all turned up and walked the walk with her..

50 kilo walk group

We thought it was going to rain so we had rain coats on etc and it didn't rain!! It didn't rain until we had finished and got in our cars.

I carried one of the 6kgs hand weights for a about 4 minutes and it made me feel sooo heavy so I can imagine what it was doing to my little Crusher he he he..

Thanks Crusher as I know you will read this!! You ROCK!!


So now I am going to relax now and watch CSI woohoo

Honey, Porridge

Morning Tea
2 Crumpet toast
Golden Syrup

2 Spinach, Feta and Sundried Tomato Muffins

Fettucine (Chilli one and Garlic and herb one he he)
Tomato pasta sauce
(it looks a lot but I had a little bit of each to try)

Love ya all

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