Saturday, 5 August 2006

Corbin got a goal

It was Soccer day again today and we went to play....

The boys were playing soooo well!!! They were passing the ball to their team members and not hogging it all to themselves.. but OMG Corbin got his FIRST goal!!! I was sooo proud of him shouting like you wouldn't believe and so were the other parents. Corbin's face was like the cat who got the cream he was smiling from ear to ear and he also got player of the day... because he got the goal that saved it being a drawer it was fantastic!!!

I am soooo proud of him!

We had a fabulous time at the game and when we got back my mother in law took the boys from 11.30 on a bus trip and out to lunch woohooo and my mum said to us that we should go out and have some time together and she will look after the boys when they come back from their other nana's..

OMG we left at 1.30 after lunch and didn't come back till now 9.00pm... We went to Whitcoulls in town and got a couple of books and then went to a coffee shop and read our books and had coffee... we went to the movies after that. Went and saw Pirates of the Carribean 2. It was ok full on movie but a bit gorry for me.

Then we went out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant... I love Japanese because I am going out for dinner but it isn't a bad dinner as it is mostly rice and chicken and no creamy sauces etc. I can see now why most Japanese people are skinny that is for sure.

It is amazing how doing something for us is soooo relaxing. I feel refreshed....

Love ya all

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