Saturday, 19 August 2006


Didn't wanna wake up!!!

Didn't wanna wake up!!!

Went to soccer today and the darling little boy were on fire I was soooo happy because they won their game against Huntly Woohoooo because last time we played them we had no energy and they slaughtered us... they are bigger and rougher than our boys. OMG one of the boys from their team was sent off because he pushed our STAR player right on his side with so much force when he had the ball and he went on his arm and sprained it. So the first half sucked for us... but our little STAR didn't let that beat him in the second half he got straight to it and the team worked so well together that they got 3 goals and the other team only got 1 woohooooo.

While we were screaming on the side lines (well while I was screaming he he he) one of the parents came up to me and asked me my last name and I told her and then I looked at her as if to say WHY? she said that she is nominating me for the support/coach/volunteer person in the waikato.. I said really?? she said "yes you are an amazing woman" OMG was my head big after that.. I thought I was a pretty terrible team manager he he he.. I was chuffed by it all and said thank you to her... OMG I have never had anyone do that for me EVER he he he..

Today was a pretty relaxed day as I have been a little down in the dumps thinking about tomorrow..

I have the Tough guy/gal challenge tomorrow and I am freaking out about it!! I am really freaking out about it but I know that these challenges that I do are making me a better person because without challenges I wouldn't grow in to a better person. I have to do this because I don't want to be the same old person that is scared of challenges because of what others think... I am now a person that tries everything. I think I have realised that since going up Mt Pauanui as I was afraid of heights but I did it!! I did it!!.

So tomorrow is it...

Vanilla Porridge
Brown Sugar

Morning Tea
Half a mini muffin with son

Homemade Lemondade scones

Afternoon Tea

Baked Potatoe

WW Homemade Cheesecake yummmy

Love ya all

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