Saturday, 12 August 2006

First day on Challenge

A busy day today but not much I feel I have done ya know.

Well today is my only day off for exercise and it was great wohooo.

Had soccer with Corbin this morning and took his friend to soccer too today as his mum was really busy with 2 other kids etc and her hubby was at work. They lost their game today... but they played really well but not well enough but it was a really firery game that is for sure.

Came home and got the grocery list together to go and get groceries!!! OMG I had grocery shopping that is for sure. We left at 12.30 and got back at 3.15.

Mum went out to a friends tonight so that is really good and we got invited for dinner to Corbin's friends parents place. It was a great night with talking and eating and it felt quite comfortable and relaxed. I really enjoyed it and would do it again that is for sure. The thing that sort of shocked me but didn't bother me was that they were totally christian OMG and I would never have thought that. Not that there was anything wrong with it but I wouldn't have thought that they were. We had a great conversation going about everything you could think of and my hubby and the other guy have quite a lot in common they are quite intellingent guys and our kids will be quite advantaged by that.. that is for sure.

I have a pretty relaxing day in a way even though we have done a lot.

OHHHH I forgot to mention my mum gave us our anniversary present today (our anniversary isn't till November he he he) but my mum cannot keep a secret for that long. Anyway she brought us a fresh pasta maker he he he. I have been wanting this for soooo long and so has my hubby. So tomorrow we thought we would spend some time with the kids (as they are excited) making our dinner for Sunday... hmmmm yummmy.

We have asked the kids to choose 2 recipes each from the Weight Watchers books for the fortnights dinners and so Corbin chose Sundried Tomato and feta muffins hmmmm so we have them for lunch tomorrow and he chose the passionfruit cheesecake hmmmmm and Quinn chose steak on potatoe rosti and apple pie... so it was great to have them chose some healthy food for us to eat knowing that it still was yummy but not as bad as other recipes. We are going to get them to help cook them as well. I want them to learn how to cook healthy and how to have all in moderation ya know. We don't have dessert normally unless it is yoghurt or fruit so this will be an exciting thing for them. I must admit it was great to sit down this morning and talk about the recipes they wanted and Corbin loved reading the ingrediants as well.

My food today:

3 Weetbix
Weight Watchers Sugar

Morning Tea

Corn Thins
Tomatoe & Basil Tuna
Ricotta Cheese (little spread)

Afternoon Tea

Roast Beef
Fruit Fondue
(went out for dinner but I was really good and didn't fill the whole plate and made sure that it was only on the inside of the plate and that I ate slowly so that I didn't eat a lot)

That is one day on my Challenge with Kris done!! I did really well with the breakfast especially when my mum was cooking french toast for the kids this morning and eggs for her.. OMG I soooo wanted to have a naughty breakfast but I was not going to break this Challenge. I have to have challenges to stick to so I get this weight off. A whole month of not having eggs etc for breakfast is going to kill me, but it will not beat me ha ha ha.

Going to bed now..

Love CM

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