Thursday, 24 August 2006

I have had........

I have the worst headache this afternoon…
I have had enough of kids!
I have had enough of being a taxi!
I have had enough of telling people 6 or 7 times what I am trying to get across to them.
I have had enough of bills.
I am sick of the sinus infection I have!
I am sick of not being able to sit still without having to do something for someone or something.

I had a break from the gym this week and it was the worst thing ever. I have wanted to eat more at night time. I have wanted chocolate! I have missed talking to Crusher!! I think it is because she keeps me grounded… it is weird I know…. If I see her at the gym it reminds me to keep on track and to get this weight off.

I have been given two comments today on how great I am looking with my new three quarter jeans on and I must admit I feel great and I am wearing a size 20D bra at the moment (I have only just gotten in to a 22D and was soooo happy then).

It is Corbin’s birthday next Thursday and he is having his party this Saturday.. him and 3 friends are going to ten pin bowling and laser strike… OMG they are all looking forward to it. So anyway today I was supposed to go with him to find a cake for his birthday but I ran out of time. So I will have to do that with him tomorrow. I always make a cake for him but this year he said he wanted to get one from the shop… hmmmm maybe because the chocolate ones look soooo yummy and usually I won’t let him have it without it being an occasion etc he he he he.

5 weeks 3 days till I come down to Wellington OMG I cannot wait!!! I need a break from work and from my town!!! I want to get away.. I want to relax and it is going to be so much fun with meeting all the girls down there again and their families… they can keep my children today he he he he.

My work mates yesterday did a paragraph to me in our communication book that everyone reads that I should be really proud of myself for the Tough Guy/Gal challenge.. it was sooo nice and thoughtful.

I know I have to be more positive but finding it hard today!! Crusher said look for the positive and be positive… so I will try harder.. I just think I am coming down with something or that I am feeling exhausted after the last couple of months of doing so much.


Morning tea
2 Brown Bread


Rice Risotto

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