Sunday, 27 August 2006

Saturday and Sunday

Wow... weekend almost over!!!!

I have stopped properly all weekend.. What is new you ask WHEW glad it is Sunday night.


Went to Soccer at 9am this morning and it was the last soccer meet for the year.. it was a little sad but great because that means we have our Saturday's back..... it gets to this time of year and having only one full day in the weekend gets to be not enough. They won their game it was an intense game and the kids were like they were on fire. Hubby's mum came and my mum came and everyone in the team was there. I took like 300 photos while I was there so I can give it to the parents at the prize giving night. I was sooo proud of all of them that is for sure.

Got home and gave Corbin his birthday presents from us... (we already gave him singstar) but we gave him the other cd's to go with it and a fishing rod and a battleship game (one that is computerised he he he) and so we played that for about 2 hours it was fantastic. Two of Corbin's friends Cathan and Dion arrived at 12.00 and so they all went with hubby to get Mcdonalds for lunch and came back to eat it... and have his chocolate mud cake.. yummmmy.

Went to Hamilton sky city and played laser strike and hubby's brother turned up to play with us. One other friend of Corbins (Connor) met us at the laser strike... So we had to split in teams and it was CM, Uncle Chris (hubby's bro), Corbin and Connor on one team and Hubby, Cathan, Dion and Quinn in the other team... and Corbins team won woohoooo I must admit I was pretty damn good. I would never ever ever had played laser strike last year.. I would have stayed outside and thought I would be too big but it was fantastic and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Then after that we took them to play Ten Pin Bowling and my 4 year old Quinn won in his team and I won the other game he he he he it was a good afternoon but I am glad it is over and done with now because 5 kids is just a little too much for me he he he.

Went out for dinner with hubby later that night as mum thought it would be nice for us to get out. So we went out to an Indian restaurant and I think I did pretty well... didn't get myself too full and made sure I ate slowly.


What is it with me and busy days huh!!! Got up (out of bed that is) at 8am... got everyone showered and had breakfast and then I met the girls at the gym. It was the best workout I have had in weeks. I am glad I had time off this week with everything but the PT sessions because today I worked my backside off with Dee and Delwyn... they are fabulous on to it soooo motivated woman... I just love them.

15 minutes on cross trainer OMG OMG OMG woohooo 15 minutes all in one go.
Leg extensions
2x25 Squats with swiss ball
2x25 lay on back feet on swiss ball and lift bum off floor
2x25 doggy lifts backwards for backside
2x25 biceps
2x25 arms up to get shoulder blades
2x25 doing crunches at the same time lifting feet off the ground and knees towards head... OMG OMG I am sore with these.
10 minutes on the bike with the girls 30 second relax and 1 minute rpm 100 OMG OMG

Got home went for a bike ride with the boys to get some things from the shops... it was great we ended up doing 8km.

Got home and then went through our gardens in the front and got rid of some plants that didn't like the frosts much and ended up filling a garden bag full... he he he.

Went and did the groceries after all that..

WHEWWWWW... so glad that all that is finished now because my arms and legs feel sooo tired and I feel soooo tired and I am going to go to bed soon.

I have had 5 bottles of water today... I think I needed it aye!

I am watching NZ Idol at the moment... not sure if I want to get hooked into this again but with my music background I get hooked into it really easily grrrr. I get mad when people that are really good don't get into the final because they don't get enough votes... it bugs me like you wouldn't believe. Mind you I thought from the start that the girl that won it last year should have got it right from the start and I said that to my hubby...he couldn't believe that I predicted that as she was totally under the radar from the start... I got the gift he he he he.

Only 2 weeks and I am off to my other goal (up in my title bar) of quad bikes woohooo can't wait can't wait can't wait... and 5 weeks till our holiday in Wellington Wohoooooo I can't wait to meet all you ladies for the first and for the second time... it is going to be exciting that is for sure but then I am soooo nervous that I might be a little quiet too he he he. It is going to be so much fun getting together.

Going to bed now.. TIRED!!!

Love CM

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