Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Why sabotage?


First day off Weight Watchers and on with my trainer (and we shall call her Crusher from now on he he he).

Crusher phoned me this morning and she has told me that I am meeting with her twice a week from this Monday onwards. OMG that is soooo good. She keeps me sane and I enjoy doing exercise with her. She is easy to talk to and I know that she wants to help me.

Went to the gym tonight and did a Kickboxing class and then I went on the cross trainer for 10 minutes with arms as I still have this challenge with Crusher. I have only got 2 more to go before Sunday woohoooo.

I am happy with my decision of leaving WW for a month that is for sure. I just have to get my feelings right and focus on loosing this weight. I have had the major sweet tooth in the last week. Why am I sabataging myself? I want to do this!!! I just have to focus!!!

I have to do this as well because Crusher is putting so much faith in me that I am going to do this. I have for the last year... I have to aye!

Woohoo I am off for the next two days and going to meet Kris for a coffee tomorrow.

I am planning my birthday at the moment. I am going Quad Bike riding!!! in Taupo and I cannot wait.. if any of you guys want to join me then email me as it would be good to have a group doing it with me. I am going to make the most of this weekend and soooo looking forward to it.

Anyway I am going up to have a spa bath and go to sleep as I have my LEAN class tomorrow with Crusher!!! ARGHHHH I am sore enough now let alone after tomorrow's session.

So today's food is:

Banana Berry Smoothie

Morning Tea
Fruchi Yoghurt

Corn Thins
Tomatoe and Basil Tuna (little tin)
Cottage Cheese

Pork Chop
Homemade Rice

Good night everyone
Love Chubbymum

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