Wednesday, 16 August 2006

Compliments on Jeans

Felt quite positive today... I a got LOT of compliments today. I wore my new three quarter jeans that I brought with Kris last week and so many people were saying that they thought I had lost more weight and they had been meaning to tell me but haven't had the chance.. OMG my head was sooo big I was scared it was going to tip the car when I got in he he he he.

I don't even know if I have lost weight and to be honest I don't really feel like I have.. I am getting more and more annoyed with not knowing my weight!!! But I know I have to but it is doing my head in CRUSHER IF YOU ARE OUT THERE Hellpppppp.

So I think tomorrow is my weigh day because that was the last time I weighed in and so I am assuming Crusher will weigh me tomorrow. I know she isn't going to tell me what it is but hopefully she will tell me if it is a gain or loss PWEESEE.

Last night booked the motel for our Quad bike trip and I must say I am now soooooo much more excited than I was because it is feeling real now. I am glad that Kris and Delwyn and Crusher and the rest of the crew are coming as it is going to be fun that is for sure.

WW Sugar

Morning Tea

Rice Wafers
Tomatoe and Basil Tuna
Cottage Cheese

Afternoon Tea
Protein Bar


After the soccer this afternoon (which by the way was bloooody cold) but the day was fantastic.

Went to the Kickboxing class tonight where Crusher was working our backsides off.. I wasn't in to it tonight.. I went there in good intentions believe me but I just couldn't get any enthusiasm at all going.. But Crusher tried that is for sure.. it was good that we did it (hubby did it as well) and I was so proud of him because sometimes he won't do things like that as he is sooo un co-ordinated.

I am feeling quite tired.. think I have been doing too much of everything and I am a little worried about the Tough guy/gal challenge this weekend that is for sure. I want to do it but getting to the stage that I want to pull out too hmmmmm.

Going to bed now.. really tired.

Love ya all

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