Monday, 14 August 2006

Birthday Nightmare

Had a busy day...

Can't be bothered writing...

Food is:

Berry Smoothie

Morning Tea
Crumpet Toast
2 Mandarins

Leftover Fetticine

Afternoon Tea

Little piece Birthday Cake

Went out to Cobb and Co for dinner.. didn't like the food!! Didn't like the little SHIT of a boy and really wanted to get home... and they stuck me next to the birthday boy and I wanted to throttle him all night because of his bad behaviour... Bad behaviour that you see on Damon the DEVIL!!!! and his mum did nothing.. stuff like flicking icecream across the table from a spoon and the mother laughing... OMG I wanted to take his head and smash it into the icecream.

So that was my night and I will never want to go to another birthday party of his...

On a good note my kids were BRILLIANT and they played nice and it was fantastic. I would take them again that is for sure.


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