Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Feeling pumped??? - long post

Lean this morning (now ladies Crusher has changed the name which is taking me a while to get used to.

So this morning I was late... didn't really want to get up because my throat was killing me but I managed to get there even if it was 5 minutes late. Crusher was explaining what the challenge is for the next six weeks of the group which is:

12km Walk/jog/run
12km Bike ride
4000 mtrs Rower
50 Sit ups
50 Push ups

Ok... now this is frightening me a bit but I am going to try that is for sure.

There is going to be more people joining us and there will be two teams. One with Sgt Major and one with Crusher. But they are going to be swapping us around and we will change every week... hmmmm not sure about this.

Now don't get me wrong but Sgt Major is a nice guy but doesn't do it for me... he scares me a little because he doesn't say a word... if it feels like it isn't fun then I am not motivated and I don't quite get the guy (does that make sense).

I am realllllllly sure he is a nice person but when he talks etc there is like no emotion and it is making me a bit fearful as to if I want to do this.

I see the way he is with Kris and I don't work well with that... she sometimes seems pushed to the absolute limit when you can see it has gone too far for her.

I like the way I work with Crusher... she is bossy and she is pushy but she does it with a smile and is the only person I have ever wanted to work hard for.. I have had so many other trainers and I hated it!! I hated it with them as it wasn't fun anymore... ok so I have that out of my system... and please don't get me wrong I think Sgt Major is a lovely guy... but not what I want in a trainer.

This morning at MM8 it was full on.. we had to walk to the overbridge and go up and down it running and sprinting.. Well I walking at the start but when no one was watching I sprinted up the bridge. I did do some jogging today but wasn't going to push it with my knee.... it is getting better and I haven't had as much problems with it lately but I don't want to get it to the stage where I can't use it again either so I am taking it slowly. But I did try hard to push myself a little more today. It felt good that is for sure.

Today was the first day that I felt that the others at our group were getting away from me in the fact that I was the only one that felt slow... I know before today I didn't feel like that but I felt quite angry that I wasn't up to their level of fitness today. I know I have more weight on me but I have been working hard to get better and I do think that I am better than I was but the others have sprinted ahead... ya know, and don't take it the wrong way... they deserve to get ahead because they are great ladies and work damn hard.

Crusher said that we have to be positive.. so I suppose I didn't say anything because I wasn't feeling too positive today.

So anyway this morning I approached Debbie at work (she is a big girl like me) last week she said she would like my clothes when I lose weight. So I assume from that she thinks she is bigger than me... hmm not sure if she is bigger than me or a different shape from me. I said to Debbie that I reckon she should do this group challenge and she agreed only if she could afford it. So I talked to Crusher and she said for Debbie to phone her and she will sort something out... Woohooo it will be great to have another person my size in this doing this and I do believe that Debbie is the sort of person that will stick with it and really try hard and I suppose in a way it is a little bit selfish of me as I would like to have someone my size there too instead of all the fit people that I am feeling like are way out of my league at the moment.

I have to find a guitar teacher for Corbin in the next week as he has been bugging me like you wouldn't believe to learn the guitar.. I think I have been a little apprehensive because I am not sure if he will practice to get it right because when he finds something difficult he gives up and sulks... hmmm what to do... what to do!!!


Morning Tea
Berry Smoothie

Mini pita breads
Corned beef

Bacon and Vegetable Slice

Anyway after all that I am going to go and cook dinner

Love CM

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