Monday, 28 August 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Seems like I am always saying it aye... he he he busy busy busy

Went to work this morning but my mum wasn't well so I told her to phone me if she couldn't look after Quinn anymore and I will be at home.

About lunch time she phoned to say she wasn't feeling well so I came home (with work in my hand) and looked after Quinn while she went to bed. But... as you can imagine I didn't get much work done at all as Quinn just wanted to play play play.

Feeling quite sore today from the workout with Dee yesterday... my thighs and butt is so sore that when I get up out of my chair I cringe he he he.

Had a PT with Crusher tonight and she said that when she weighed me on Friday that I have lost (the reason she didn't tell me on Friday was because she didn't have her papers to check what my previous weight was).. so that is great.. I lost.. but to be quite honest she didn't say it but I don't think it was much of a loss as I haven't been that great with water or food in the last couple of weeks if I am honest..

So in my PT tonight Crusher told me my next challenge for this week and I have to do 4 sessions on the rower... 1000 mtrs, 2000 mtrs, 2000 mtrs and 3000 mtrs before next Monday... and tonight I did my 2000 mtrs soooo one down 3 to go YAYYY!!! We did other stuff as well but it was all good. The time goes really fast when Crusher is there that is for sure.


Morning Tea
Wasabi Peas

Mini Panini's
Corned Beef
Potato (left overs)

Afternoon Tea
Handful of Sohos


Getting a little nervous about Quinn's grommet operation on Thursday but it is going to be a good thing as Quinn soooo doesn't hear what we are saying sometimes. Last time he had them done he kept telling us to stop shouting.

Anyway going to go up to bed now.. I am buggered he he he

Love ya all


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Slim Suzy said...

Sounds like you are going well.

Good luck with little Quinn's operation on Thursday.