Tuesday, 8 August 2006

First day of the new life

OMG it is becoming a habit these blog entries he he he

I am back in the swing of updating.

Do any of you get to the computer and think... "What on earth can I write in here that is interesting that someone will read?" I think that is what has been putting me off writing lately... it is the thought that why would anyone want to hear my drivel.

Thank you for your lovely emails re the last post you don't know how much I have appreciated them... and the comments.

I have made a decision... well my hubby made the decision for me. I am going to give up WW for 4 weeks but in 4 weeks I will go back no matter what because I still feel that WW got me to where I am today but I need something a little different to get me out of the plateau zone... it is not saying what so ever that WW isn't right it is just saying that I am tired of paying for weighing in and knowing that it isn't doing anything for me... 6 months of doing this is doing my head in.

I haven't had a long talk with my trainer as yet as she has been a bit busy this week but that is ok... I know that she will support me for the 4 weeks to see what changes we can make to give me a kick. I mean others do it...!!! why can't I and I try so hard and I am going to try so hard so it is going to work.

So I didn't go to the WW meeting tonight and OMG it felt like I was skipping school or something it was the weirdest feeling. Hubby was laughing and I kept saying "am I doing the right thing? and I doing the right thing" he said without a doubt you are doing the right thing. He said he has faith that Crusher is going to support me and is going to get this weight off or centimetres however she sees the loss. It is hard changing your perception of things when for so long it has been focused on the scales and not the measurements.

So my day SUCKED.... he he he now you didn't think I would say that did you. I felt pressured all day!! Went to LEAN this morning and walked up the Harrowfield hill 5 times and then took the long walk back... I tried my hardest to walk faster than I normally do but I was feeling it in my other knee today.. not the one that usually gives me trouble. I was determined to do this exercise session at a level 7 or more.. I think I managed to get almost to a 7 but when I am walking I just don't feel the urge to go to the limit... I hate it with a passion that I have to walk at others speeds (which is usually faster than me he he he).

Got a shower and then got to work at 7.30am... then at 8.30 I had to take my Corbin to school and pick up Quinn for the Dentist. Now I haven't slept properly all night thinking about the Dentists appointment. Especially since it is going to cost us $1,500 arghhhh!!

When I got there it was just like hubby said and the lady was fantastic with Quinn and he trusted her like you wouldn't believe.. it is amazing if you treat kids as you are one yourself how they react... he was watching Postman Pat on the tv up above. So he had a filling and then she used the laughing gas on him to take the tooth out OMG the way she was yanking the tooth out was like... arghhh my heart was pumping. I thought he was going to scream but he didn't the laughing gas and the injections worked a treat. I was sooo proud of him.. he was more calm than I was that is for sure.

She gave him a medal and a little tooth to put his tooth in.. to hang around his neck.. it was soo cute.

Got back to work and had so much work to catch up on because this is my invoicing week as well as that I have to send out like 400 invoices to the parents ARGHHHH was feeling quite stressed.

Other things happened today too.. a friend emailed me today with concerns and so I had to sit down and think about how I was going to write how I was feeling without it coming out the wrong way because it needed to be said and to be quite honest I was probably not in the right mood to reply so I am glad it didn't come across in the wrong way.

I have a bit of a headache at the moment.. so I am going to go to bed after NCIS... which is an interesting show tonight but a bit too gory for me.

Love ya all

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