Tuesday, 15 August 2006

2 weeks since weighing at WW

Had a good day today.. worked ho hum but went for coffee with a couple of the mums that have boys this afternoon... it was great even though the kids got a bit noisy and boisterous but hey they had fun (7 kids in total OMG).

I would be going to Weight Watchers tonight if I wasn't doing the Crusher Challenge... it feels soooo weird not to go to WW because I do enjoy the conversation and the leader so much and I think a little weird because I will not know for a month what my weight is..... it is doing my head in this week and I am wanting to go and find out if I have lost weight. I know this is what is best but not knowing is making me a little paranoid that I am not doing what I should... or maybe that I am eating too much. Or maybe I am gaining weight but my mind is saying ohhhhh girl you are doing good... why do our minds do that??? WHY WHY

I haven't heard anything from Crusher about my food... so we shall see... I suppose she will let me know if I am not eating the right thing aye. See there is the paranoia seeping in. HELPPPPPP me get over this!!

Hubby booked the Quad Bikes today woohoooo for the 9th September at 3pm it is going to be soo much fun.. Don't forget if you wanna join feel free to send me a message and come on it with us. It is going to be soooo much fun. So the only thing we have to book now is the hotel woohooo.

Anyway going to get boys in bed and then sit and read for a while as there is nothing on tv that I want to watch tonight and I want to have some time to veg and read my magazines with no interruptions.. hmmm bliss.


Morning Tea
10 Almonds
Wasabi Peas (small handfull)


Roast Beef

2 Sandwich Bread


Afternoon Tea








Aunt Betty's Delites

I am not sure who augly is but... augly I LOVE Wasabi peas!

Leighanne thanks hun for the comment... wasabi peas are peas dried and have wasabi cooked on the outside... they are rather wohooo on the nose if you get one with a lot.. it is the green stuff that people put on sushi with ginger etc. I don't have a lot but sometimes they are nice as a treat as I get sick of the same old same...

Always trying new things... is my motto. he he he

Love ya all


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