Sunday, 20 August 2006

Tough Guy/Gal Challenge Wohooo

OMG today was just amazing…

I don’t know how to describe it. It was the HARDEST thing I have ever ever ever done in my life and I am not convinced that I would do it again but I am glad I did it.

It took 2 hours and 2 minutes to do but it was worth everything.

I felt like lead the whole way around with all the mud and water attached to my bottom half but WOW…

Met some wonderful people that helped and everyone was soooo great.

CRUSHER was fantastic! She stayed with me the whole time and she supported me like you wouldn’t believe. She ROCKS!!!! I am so lucky to have her as my trainer and as a friend.


I decided it would be good if we had something that made us stand out in the crowd so I brought bright pink hairspray and bright pink face paint… OMG it was sooo much fun putting it on everyone. In the photo above Stephanie wasn't at all sure she should put the spray in her hair and so we convinced her and then after I had done it I said "OMG this isn't hair spray it is permanent hair dye" OMG she freaked out that is why I am laughing so much because I was having her on. We looked like pink teletubbies he he he and I couldn’t stop laughing while putting the pink on the face and hair.


Dee even put it on Michelle’s ears OMG she couldn’t believe it.


This is all of us at the start just after we got dressed.



Thought we would have a photo at the front of the ambulance just in case one of us got hurt then we had the photo already he he he just kidding.


This was a photo of just the men before they took off on their 10km challenge.


This was the social group (me he he) before they took off.. we didn’t get the other groups but that is ok… There was 1400 people on this challenge.


This is going on the first mud walk… OMG the amount of people and the amount of mud it was OMG OMG a lot.


Can you see the look on my face.. shear horror.


I am the last one in this photo… can you see my face? OMG I touched the fence and it was an electric fence and I didn’t know and thought that they would have turned them off BUT NO!!! ARGHHHHHH.


I am running down this hill… can you see the feet they are moving he he he… Crusher said “Come on girl lets run” it was great… for that moment anyway… he he eh


The lady behind me that I am helping we met along the way and she was impressed that my trainer was there with me… as her trainer couldn’t make it at the last moment (but she had a good excuse)… so we made some friends and when we got stuck then we helped each other out.



Can you see my face.. I couldn’t stop laughing as I couldn’t move my legs… they were stuck in the mud right up to the top of my legs and I just couldn’t manage to pull my legs out as Crusher said just before hand “Don’t pull on the rope just yet and I had to reach for it and then I went back and Crusher went forward” it was the most funniest part of the whole thing.


Determination on my face.. I was going to finish this.



They had boards going over to these floats and Crusher was dragging me along… OMG that was a scary thing and as we were going over them these BLOODY males decided to sprint along them and I almost went over the side… it was toooooo funny and scary. But I did it.

Now between these photos I did a rope bridge over water (where one rope was above and one below) and then we went under barbed wire for about 5 minutes crawling in the mud… I DID NOT like that much at all…



OMG can you see this bleep bleep bleep hill… It was the biggest hill I have seen in my entire life and there were ropes going up so that we had to pull ourselves up them… So hubby got a really good photo and he was like a mile away and using the telephoto lense.


I am running down that hill towards the finish line… I DID IT GUYS… I DID IT!!!!!


Now this photo didn’t turn out wonderful but I had to have one with me and crusher running to the finish.. the people were clapping and screaming and yahooing for us it was fantastic.. and I wasn’t last!!! I wasn’t last!!! !woohooooo


We finished


I am hugging Delwyn (my best friend…)…we made it!!! We did it!!! It was fantastic.


Hmmm the beer was great!!! Calories smalaories






Don’t we all look buggered!!! Yep yep yep… but I wouldn’t change a thing.. I LOVE THESE ladies


Mince Pie
Pinky Bar
(yep I know but what do you do when you are out on a trek like this??)

Roast Beef

Good night
Love CM

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Slim Suzy said...

OMG, that looks so hard! Well done on the great effort.

Love the pink idea.