Sunday, 6 August 2006

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Confession time.

I have had a bad 3 days eating OMG I have been soooo good in the last couple of weeks and to tell you the truth I just wanted a blow out and I shouldn't have because when I do it goes WAYYYYY out of proportion (scales wise).

So friday we had pizza for dinner... I chose the thin crust pizza instead of the thick crust... hmmm not sure if that makes much difference but hey.

Saturday I had a chocolate macaroon with a coffee on our date day.

Today we made ginger crunch with the kids and I had 2 pieces... 2 2 2 pieces.

So all out a blow out on points but I needed it..

Today has been a really great day doing nothing nothing nothing and we had Corbin's friend Cathan over and his little sister... it was a good afternoon as the four of them get on so well. We played playstation eye toy and dancing and they played in the playroom. All in all it was great.

I wanted to stay in my pj's for the whole day but couldn't really because of the kids friends coming over ho hum.

As you all know my mother lives with us... I said to her this morning that the kids were having friends over and she packed her little controlling face like OMG how rude you should never have anyone over at all (now I will let you all know this is MY hous not hers)... anyway so I said well they are coming over and kids need to have friends so if she doesn't want to deal with them she can always stay in her room... OMG so she stayed in her room THE WHOLE DAY..... sometimes I think she does it because she thinks it will ruin my day... so that she punishes me.

We don't even invite people around anymore. Before Dad died and she came to live with us it was great to be able to have friends over and have dinner and play cards etc... and since she started living with us we don't associate with anyone unless we go out for dinner with them... It is starting to really grate on me. I left home because of her controlling everything I do and after 10 years of living on my own she is living with me... maybe it is my punishment hmmm...

Now don't think I don't love my mum I do but she is 75 years old and just because she has had her life it doesn't mean my life is over with and I have to sit watching tv for the rest of my life ya know, I want to have friends come over and I want to meet new friends...

Ok that is my bitch session over.


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