Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Blah Blah Blah

I have been soooo busy in the last week with rehersing for the Boot Camp and doing up T-Shirts for everyone (that they don't know about) and also making my costume for the Boot Camp that I haven't had much time for updating my blog. I am having fun with it all but right now I think I am starting to feel the exhaustion of not just having one day to do nothing ya know.

I am feeling quite down today and this morning at LEAN I didn't think that I was showing it but others kept asking if I was ok and one of them said (nicely) come on girl get out of your grump... I am not usually grumpy so obviously it shows he he he

Work has been a drag and I think that is because I just want to go to this Boot Camp that everything else just seems yukky he he he he.

Thanks for the comments about my banner. I am pretty happy with it and I suppose some people wouldn't have understood why I had such a banner but it is my goals... and soon I am going to have to do another one as my goals are getting achieved and I have new ones too.

I miss updating!! I just haven't got the energy.

A friend of mine has been sick and twice went up to the hospital (once in an ambulance) and I looked after her kids for almost 5 hours sooooo this whole week has been quite busy! She is getting better (I think) it is a cold but they take a while to get rid of when you have 3 kids and not feeling well... so that is a relief that it wasn't something really serious.

I am not going to Weight Watchers tonight because of the fact that I am so buggered I am going to organise dinner for the kids finish my outfit for the Boot Camp and go to bed really early tonight.

I am out tomorrow night with practicing our skit for Boot Camp and Thursday I am taking the kids to the movies and out to lunch (with hubby woohooo) and also having to pack for the weekend and Friday is taking Mum around to get things before I go away so that she is happy.

So my life is sad and boring at the moment.

Love ya


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