Thursday, 29 June 2006

Do I want to keep going??

Work was long today. I had to get all my work done before 12 because of end of month GRRRR which is annoying when I only work 3 days a week because I feel like I am rush rush rushing all day when I have to get it done so quickly.

It felt great to finish and to get out in the car again he he he I am like a car junky at the moment.

Went out to soccer practice with Corbin after school and when I got there one of the ladies said "You are coach today" I thought ARGHHHHHH as the coach was either not going to be there or late.. so I got them running up and down the field and then got them doing some ball skills he he he and then the coach came down the field WOOOHOOOO I was off the hook (sort of) and for the rest of the practice we ran around and had some fun.

Went to the LEAN girls practice last night.. I don't know if I have told you all but I am going on my BOOT CAMP on the 7th July and we have to practice some sort of skit for the weekend so us girls (not the trainer) got together and we are doing Barbie Girl and Macarana and one other one that I have never heard before. We were going through the moves for the Barbie Girl song and by the time we had finished I was sweating like you wouldn't believe and so were all the other girls... It looked like I had just got out of the shower he he he it was sooo much fun and we laughed the whole night.

Came home and slept... well tried too... couldn't seem to sleep without waking up last night that is for sure.

Got up at 5.30 this morning and went to LEAN. Got there and she had a piece of paper all ready for our workout and we had to go through the list OMG OMG it was sooo hard this morning that is for sure. We went and weighed in and measured too. Went up in the weight (but I knew that already) came down in one of the measurements though but to be honest I haven't been trying.

I have read Leenie's post and she is so right about not wanting to do this and everyone is feeling the same at the moment and I agree with everything but to be quite honest I don't care about the weight in the last week! I want the weight to come off and I don't want it to go back on but I have lost the mojo or the willpower to keep it going after a year and a half. I don't lose fast as it is and it is driving me insane. I have to get back into it and I know this!! but I don't want to but I want to OMG I know I sound like a stuck record but what do I do? No one can help me I have to help myself... and it isn't because I am getting lazy as such as I am doing lots and lots of exercise and I am not eating bad stuff like chocolate or anything but I am not pointing as such either... I am sick of pointing!!

Yes I will get back to pointing!!! I WILL!!!!

OK I will do the pointing from today... I know what you are thinking.

I have been slack with the pointing and in return I have been slack with writing in here too. I feel like such a failure that writing in here makes it more real.... makes it more real of such a wuss and failure I am for not keeping it up.

I have my exercise all sorted but I don't have my tracking!

Ok on that note I am going to go and get my day over with and I will be back tonight to tell you what happened with food tonight.

Love ya all

Scrambled eggs and toast
1 Glass of Water
Chamomile, apple and honey tea

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