Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Interesting week

Wow I did say that I was going to be good and come in every day and write something didn't I... OMG the week has just gone so fast and I have hardly been on the computer at all.

Got hubby going to the gym with me now... woohooo and his first time was last night and he was supposed to come to the gym with me this morning at 6am but he chickened out OMG he he he but promised he would go Thursday morning with me. I think he was a little sore today.. it was sooo funny. But at least now he knows how much exercise I actually do and why I am sooo buggered when I get home.

Sunday I went with my friends from LEAN to the gym and we did the program again... it started off with just me and Delwyn and during the week the others found out so they were all there as well... IT WAS FANTASTIC.. we pushed each other and did the whole program (1 hour 45 minutes) and then went down for a spa... all of us he he he he it was sooo funny there were 6 of us in this spa OMG the water was coming over the sides and we just had a ball.

Last Friday morning I went in and did the program by myself and that was good too.

Food this week has been ok. I decided that I wouldn't track this week but be good... it was doing my head in and I had parties galore to go to as well. I think I have been ok with my food and not done anything I shouldn't.

I had 2 compliments at my son's school last week on different days too he he he. One was a mother in my son's class that said I was looking fantastic and said it in front of our Weight Watchers weigher too so that was making me spin a bit he he he.. the other was one of the ladies that is on the pta and every other thing that she can at the school and she came over and said that she has noticed that I have been having a spring in my walk and I looked at her puzzled and she said I am looking fantastic and she can see that I am feeling energetic... soo WOW that made my week that is for sure.

Been a little bored at work this past couple of weeks. I can't say that I love my job... it is ok and I don't hate it but I am bored with it and tend to get my work done pretty quickly so I don't have to deal with it.. sad I know but I get so many benefits with my son going here and also I can take and pick up my other son to school.

Anyway I will update with my weigh in tonight... I am REALLY REALLY scared about it that is for sure... I don't want another gain!! I don't I don't...

Love ya


I gained 100grams... I am not too upset about it because with all the birthday parties this weekend etc that is ok. But I have stuck to my points and I have done more than my usual exercise. I think I just have to come to the conclusion that I might be in this slump for quite some time and to just go with the flow. I am going to lose this weight and right now I don't know what I can do to keep me losing and not in this plateau but I am not going to change my good habits back to bad ones anymore!! I AM NOT.

Tonight at Weight Watchers made me realise that I have the most fantastic Weight Watcher leaders anyone can ask for. I mean I gained 100grams tonight but they still perservered on me and gave me more options. What more can I ask for and if they haven't given up on me then why the hell would I give up on myself.

I felt so much better about losing weight tonight. I brought a friend of mine to Weight Watchers from my LEAN class (the one that I have been going to the gym with on Sunday's) and I felt so positive with her there.. like I was going to do this and this was going to make me do it. I think I needed to have a friend there to go through it with or something.. to maybe give me the extra kick up the pants and also support. She was very quiet at the meeting but when we got back to my place she said "now expect an email tomorrow checking on if you have had your water" OMG that made me realise that I can do this with both the WW leaders and my friend there with me.

I can do this can't I? I know people keep saying that my exercise is so great etc but if it was so great why am I not losing the weight? That is what is doing my head in at the moment!

OMG there are soooo many people pregnant or had babies that I know of lately... soooo please forgive me if I haven't said congrads to you individually just know that I am thinking of you and Wohoooooo!!!!


My tasks this week:
1. To track
2. To drink all my water
3. No naughty food
4. Exercise 5 times this week and get out of my comfort zone more.
5. To enjoy life more!! People keep on saying that my family life and my life in general they are jealous of so maybe I need to really appreciate it.
6. Read the Think book and sort out my problem habits.

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