Saturday, 17 June 2006

Wet horrible weather

I am writing in here early again. The weather outside is sucky today... raining like you wouldn't believe and we were supposed to be doing the shopping today too grrrr I hate getting wet and shopping he he he.

We had Corbin's soccer game today... they are in the top 4 blocks of teams (out of 12 blocks, each block having 5 teams) so that is pretty good woohooo and anyway out of our block we are first equal with another team and had to play against them today OMG it was like heart attack material watching the game today. The other team got two goals at the start of the second half and 3 minutes to the end of the game I thought that we were going to loose and we got 2 goals woohoooooo. So it was a draw and I am pleased with that because it means that we are still first equal... OMG I thought that I was going to have a heart attack and it was an exciting game.

We are looking at cars at the moment. Big enough to fit 5 of us (3 adults and 2 children)soooo hard to find something sexy enough he he he I had the family look of cars and would like to find something that I feel happier in than the Serena (which is soooo a family looking car) he he he.

Quinn is going to a birthday party this afternoon (a girls party) and he has informed me that they are going to marry he he he he.

We also have a party for hubby's dad's 60th tonight so that should be quite interesting. Food everywhere so I am going to have to be good and make good choices.

I am meeting up with my LEAN buddy tomorrow to go through the program again. An hour and a half program to get through and push myself even more as I want to lose this weight and I have to really have a go at getting my cardio up. I was sweating so much yesterday at the gym and had a wet t shirt he he he he that is sooo cool... I have this thing about sweating as you have read before. I think it is because it validates that I am working hard as everyone else.

Still thinking about the fact that my trainer wants me to do The Biggest Loser challenge..... I do want to do it but the competing is a thing I don't like doing with Kris.. it sets my mind in a nasty way by not doing this for me and I have to do this for me.

Anyway I might update later as to what happened at the birthday parties.

Have a most fabulous weekend everyone.

If I haven't said before KATE congrad's on your little precious girl... she is so beautiful. BIG HUGS...

Love Chubbymum

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