Sunday, 25 June 2006


Ok.. I have been soooo busy since Thursday and haven't updated SORRRYYYYYYYY.

I have had a really exciting (well for me anyway) weekend.

Got my hair cut and I like it but maybe it isn't that different from my last hair cuts as some people haven't said anything but my friend Delwyn (LEAN) said it is definatly different so I will take that as maybe some people just don't notice some things aye.

Corbin's game was an exciting one this weekend and he almost got a goal but he hit the post and it went out arghhhhh heart attack material.

We went looking at cars and we are getting our car on Tuesday after having the warrent, rego and an AA check done on it and we came out with more money than we thought so we got a number plate, mp3 player for the car, speakers for my hubbies car and a tow bar so OMG OMG we are soooo excited. The car looks like this....


So I feel like I have been on a spending spree woohoooo.

Went to the gym this morning with my LEAN Buddies woohooo they are so fantastic... we did our new workout and went for a spa and tonight I asked Delwyn to come over for dinner... it is amazing how similar we are in what we like.. it is fantastic to have someone that I feel comfortable with. She reminds me of my friend in Wellington (that I miss heaps btw) in the fact that I feel comfortable just being with her and that I don't have to be anyone that I am not.. and I can be just me and at the moment she is reading the newspaper and I am on here updating before dinner and before we are going to our LEAN friends place to practice our dance for the boot camp.

Do I sound excited YEP YEP YEP I am totally excited!

I have a really nice base of friends at the moment and life seems fantastic.

Anyway I will update later with a photo of my new hair cut..

Love ya all


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