Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Gotta do it!

Ok.. so I tried what my WW leader said this week with the tracking and eating more in the morning and I felt sluggish all day and I wasn't really happy with eating more during the day.

And I stayed the same! didn't lose... didn't gain so hey it is time to kick butt.

I am still eating too much bread.... it is just hard with work doing anything other than sandwiches.. so I have to try this week to sort that out and not have as many sandwiches. Having salads aren't exactly something that I can be bothered making when I get up at 5.30am for the gym and go straight to work or when I have to start work at 7.30.. it is hard enough to get the kids all sorted ya know.

I have to do this guys... I have plateaued so since January and I am tired of it. I need support!! How can I get back on top of it?

Maybe I will track what I eat on here and be honest! I mean I am honest on my tracker but when you are putting it up for everyone to see it is sometimes a lot harder to put it there.

So my goals for this week:

  • Drink at least 2 x 750ml water (OHHH how I hate the stuff)

  • Track... Track... Track...

  • Really push it at the gym and stop just doing what I have to but go all out and sweat more... sweat sweat sweat he he he
  • Thank you all for your comments guys... it has been the thing that has changed me around today because I was starting to doubt myself.

    Ok... so after the meeting tonight a lovely lady that I have been chatting to on and off at WW said that she wasn't coming back to WW next week as things haven't been going right for her, and said that she has told one of our leaders.

    I don't want her to give up... I know that it is a hard thing losing weight and I want to help her like my WW leaders have been doing. Not that she is a pet project or something (because when I read this it sounded like it) but because I know this lady is talking to me because I feel she really wants to do this but maybe needs someone to talk to about it. You know sometimes people can succeed if they have a goal they want to achieve and maybe a friend to talk about it that is going through the same thing will make the difference.

    So if you are reading WW friend... we can do this! I know we can and our little challenge of losing between 500 grams and 1 kilo this week is going to happen!! Let's make it happen. You have my email... so I am always here to listen and maybe we can motivate each other to get out of this rut.

    Hubby seems to think I should have a personal training with Crusher my trainer every second week for an extra day apart from LEAN. I am seriously thinking about it that is for sure. Because I want to lose this.. but I don't think it is the exercise anymore that is in my way. I think it is the food. Plus I have gone back to drinking V... OMG I just went nuts when I didn't have it so

    I have opened my diary to the public again.. I need the support! I can't have it passworded anymore. I need your help guys! I need the comments to keep me going.

    So I am going to religiously come on here and write every night and I am going to let it out on here again and I need you guys to be honest and tell me what you think about what I am writing... not being nasty though ok because my self esteem is not up there at the moment.

    Woohoo it is my friday at work tomorrow and then I am walking with Hera around the lake on Thursday and I can't wait for that... it is like a breath of fresh air going walking with her.. it is really great meeting new friends and getting to know them... ya know.

    Anyway I am going to have dinner now as I don't have dinner before going to weigh in and I am sooooooooo HUNGRY.

    Love you all

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