Thursday, 8 June 2006

Tough guy/gal

Went to the gym this morning and it was a great work out and we didn't go outside woohoooooooo because the last two LEAN sessions have been out in that bloody cold... brrrr.

Worked my legs and arms today and more cardio and sweated like a pig he he he. Crusher our trainer was in such a funny mood and I could hear her laughing while she was talking to two of the other ladies in our group and then she started walking over to me... with this cheeky smile on her face.

Made some small talk and then said... "I have worked out our next challenge after our boot camp (which by the way we are doing on the 7th July arghhhh)" big grin from her face...

I said "OH MY GOD what?" she looked at me and paused (like she was scared to tell me)

she said "The Tough Guy/Gal Challenge"

I said "you have to be bloody joking!!!, my work mates are doing that and it is like mud up to your neck!! NOPE NOPE NOPE not doing it"

She said "I told the girls that your first reaction was going to be that"

I said "MUD OMG you want me to go in a mud bath and drown... me being such a shorty"

She looked at me and said "YUP" with that stupid grin.

So I am now thinking about it..... but I know for sure I will be doing the 5km race and not the 10km one... especially for my first one. But I want to do it with someone and not be left behind... I am not going to do this by myself.. so if no one in the group is doing the 5km then I am not going to do it...

I am still self conscious about my body and what I think it is like. The fact that I am a really big person and getting out there in front of people (especially something this big) and having them judge me. I know that you will say that they will be thinking about what they are going to do in this event but there is always the niggle in the back of my mind. I know with time I might change my view of how I look etc and what I can achieve but it is going to take time. Go have a peek here

So if I can convince one of them to stay with me... then I think I will do it.

I am enjoying LEAN and every time being something different is giving me this buzz so hey at least that will take me to August and after that well what the hey.

Took Quinn to Lollipops today and met Hera and her daughter there... it was great to chat and the kids to play and play and play. We are going to do it again next week woohoooo. Time went so fast.

Got home and had lunch and Quinn was telling me a lot that he had a sore tummy so I said to him that he needs to go to the loo because maybe it hasn't been for a while and then he came and hugged me and threw up on me ARGHHHHHHH and so I got up and get him to the toilet and he did it again... poor wee man. I think he had just had too much of the biscuit at Lollipops (it was a big biscuit he chose that is for sure). Poor wee man... but he is sooo fine now and teasing his brother and running around like a mad man...

So that has been my day WHEW!!

Food has been ok. Water is more than I normally have so hey.... I got my water right aye. I have to get 500 grams this week!! Have to... have to... I want to be in the teens by the time I go to Wellington!!!

Love ya all

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