Friday, 16 June 2006

Great Great day!

I had a great day today... nothing much happened but it was great.

Woke up and took Corbin to school and took off for the gym.

My workout today:

10 minutes on cross trainer (a month ago I couldn't do 1 minute)
15 minutes on treadmill
17 minutes on water bike (OMG it would have only been 10 except for trainer came and chatted with me grrrr he he he)
Biceps x 4 reps
Triceps x 4 reps
Bicep dips x 4 reps
Leg extensions x 4

It was fantastic.... only did an hour but I stuck to it and an hour didn't seem like it was dragging because I am trying my hardest to vary my routine.

Came home and took mum to Bingo WOHOOOOO it was great because I have the rest of the day (until 2pm) free from everyone.

So I texted a friend and went for a coffee and a savory scone (now before you say anything it was my breakfast because I hadn't had time to have any before the gym and then had to take mum to bingo) But........ I felt good about it as I worked it off and I need to be able to be normal once in a while.

After an hour of chatting and drinking I went home to have a long hot shower and do pretty things... I don't often get the chance to so I did a face pack and shaved my legs and put a special conditioner in my hair and left it for 10 minutes and did all the pretty smelly things and moisturiser on my legs and arms and did my hair and face and felt like I was on top of the world.

Had lunch and read my magazine and then went to pick up mum and then pick up Corbin from school. Took Corbin for a haircut and then came home and spent time playing cars etc with Corbin...

I just feel relaxed and I suppose that is good.

One interesting thing happened at the gym today though. My trainer came over and asked why I haven't applied for The Biggest Loser training and I said that the times were for mums and dads that don't work during the day and I do. She said "That isn't it is it?" and I said "what do you mean" she said you aren't doing it because of Kris... I said Yes! I said I cannot lose as much as her and I am not going into a competition to make me feel bad and bring down my self esteem. She deserves just as much to be in this and since she has already applied then I am not. I cannot go into a competition and not try to win and I lose a maximum of 500grams a week and she loses 2 kilos a week when being good and since there are prizes she will make sure she is losing that amount.

She said to me that we could re-arrange things and I said Why? she said because you are the one that made me do this particular competition and it doesn't seem right that you aren't doing it.

So I don't know what is going to happen. I am happy with my decision at the moment.... but with my trainer so wanting me to do this has made me think about it all day. Hmm? not sure??

Weekend is upon as again... soccer for me tomorrow ho hum. I can't wait till the season is over and only because I need my weekends back again he he he.

Hubby and I have started little pocket journals of things we would like for presents this week. We are doing this because the other day I wanted to go out and buy him a treat and the only thing I could think of was clothes because I know his size. I can't buy music because I don't know what he has got or wants and he just isn't a materilistic person so what do you buy someone like that aye? So we started our little pocket journals so that if we want to get something to say hey I love ya then suprises can happen.

Anyway I am babbling again..

Hey Karen and Kylie!!! Welcome!!! (big hugs my friends)

Big hugs to everyone else.... have a great weekend!

Love CM

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