Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Big Head

Got my car last night woohoooo I feel sooo special in it.... he he he he.

Went to Weight Watchers and I stayed the same but I am ok with it. I am ok with it as I went out 4 times for dinner last week (birthday's galore) and I chose right... I went Japanese with hubby and I chose right and it showed by the scales staying the same... it could have been a loss but at least it wasn't a gain.

I am going to do this I just have to track even more strictly.

I haven't managed to get a photo of the new hair cut but I haven't had too many people notice so I assume it isn't much different but that is ok it makes me feel good and it is tidyier.

I have been going out with a friend from LEAN lately and it has been great to have a grown up friend... now by saying that I have friends but there is always dramas and they never seem to listen but my new friend....hmmmm like we have known each other for years or something.. it is quite strange.. But I am enjoying have a friend (other than hubby)he he he that I can do things with and just be comfortable.

Went out last night around 9pm and had a coffee at the new coffee shop down the road... it has been great for hubby and I to be able to go out and it not be too far but we can have some space for us. Mum looks after the boys as they are in bed etc and we get time out. We sit and have a skinny latte or skinny hot chocolate and read the magazines.. it is luxury he he he

I just adore my new car DID I TELL YOU? he he he

My area manager came to talk to me this morning and shut the door and I thought OMG what is going on here and she said that the big auckland bosses were complimenting me yesterday in a conversation saying that I am on to it and that they respect me and that they know I just get on with it. OMG what a big head I got after hearing that.

I might update a little later... gotta go now. he he he


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