Sunday, 4 June 2006

Will I get there?

I am hooked on Gilmore girls... does anyone else watch it. I get sooooo OHHHH smiley or something while watching it. I feel like happy and I wished that I had their life sometimes. I sit there watching it all inspired and wanting that me and my boys would have the relationship that they both have. I love the way they talk and how fast they talk and just everything in it... I know I sound like a teenager but I feel like a teenager watching it. I have watched it from day one and I have also watched the re-runs of it as well.

I wish that I was a University student learning and not having any money worries or kid worries sometimes too.

I get a rush from this program... OMG that is silly isn't it! It is isn't it he he he he

Well we didn't have any money to go out for dinner etc last night for our 17 year of meeting anniversary ho hum.

Hubby said that he would run the bath and give me a massage etc but you know what I didn't want that. I wanted to indulge last night and I know it wasn't very good for my weight loss but I have been sticking to points and counting my sugar points and my exercise points and doing so much to keep to it that last night I wanted to go off it and so we made an antipasto plate with some bubblies and watched a murder mystery which just made me soooo happy. It was soooo yummmmmmmy and I was happy.

Hubby and I went out looking at cars today and taking them for test drives... it was good to get out without the kids and to do something grown up even if it was just looking at cars.

I am happy with my new blog and especially the fact that I can say what I feel about my life but OMG it feels dead in here. I got more comments from people in the other journal and I know it shouldn't but it inspired me to keep going with the journal and with my weight loss. In the last 2 weeks I was wondering if it was all worth keeping it going because I haven't been getting any inpiration from it... and feeling like I am not loved or something. Now I know that I am loved pleasssssse don't get me wrong but 2 comments and sometimes 3.... is just not enough to keep me going. I am having 100 or more hits a day and getting 2 comments... am I that boring... I am thinking so.

So anyway we went out today to look at cars as our van is just getting too old for us (we have had it 6 years now). We have a Nissan Serena and we are looking at a Nissan Primera... The new type. But that is just the first day of looking so we shall see what happens.

Will I ever get to the dreaded 30 kilos!! Will I!! I know that most of you will say yes but it just doesn't seem possible!! It just doesn't!


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