Thursday, 20 July 2006

Dentists ho hum

Ok.. had an ok day..

Went to LEAN again this morning.. he he he he actually got hubby up and he wasn't too pleased as he was sore from the Kickboxing class night but hey that is life.

Food on the No Count is going ok but I think in the last year I have been getting used to 6 small meals a day that I am finding it hard not to have snacks etc but I suppose it is only 1 week aye.

The car still stinks to high heaven and tried some cleaning stuff for the boot today so will put it on a couple more times and hopefully that will take smell away GRRRRR

Got my first personal training with trainer tomorrow on the new plane etc and I wrote a list of goals I have for my weight loss and when I want to get to the goal I have made for myself etc and what I am doing on the cardio machines at the moment and the goals of what I want to achieve next in the cardio machines so we shall see what happens with that.

My youngest son went to the children's dentist today because other dentists could not get him to sit still while they checked his teeth well the little bugger decided to be good for this dentist as she was sooooo good at what she does and it figures really because with the work on his teeth it is going to cost us $1500 to fix them... and she agreed with us that because he has been on a lot of antibiotics in his life with his ears etc that they have affected them. OMG $1500 is scaring the hell out of me!! It is a pity the government doesn't help with situations like these.. they pay for the school dentist but my youngest won't sit still for them. Why me.. we were finally getting to a stage where we were saving and feeling good that we could do things and this happens... so that is my bitch for the night.

I am feeling better with the food and the exercise and feel that maybe I am on track but even though I am being good I still get worried that I won't lose weight because everytime I feel like I have been fantastic I get dissapointed with the result and time when I thought I hadn't been good I lose... what is with that aye.

Anyway... tired and I am going to my beddy byes.

Love ya all

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