Sunday, 16 July 2006


Thank you all for the lovely comments about Boot Camp.... I have been less motivated since doing the boot camp... I want to do this! Why is the motivation not there? I have stop posting because of the lack of motivation and I HATE it....

I didn't go to LEAN on Thursday and I didn't go to the gym on Friday like I usually do either... I started back today with the girls and we did and hour and a half and then I had enough. I am back now (hopefully). We we went for a walk around the lake this afternoon (4km) and then the kids went to the playground.

I think I maybe getting a cold... my throat is sore and feeling down in the dumps.

We have a Roast Beef on at the moment and OMG it smells devine.

My oldest son's birthday is 31 August and for his birthday we brought Singstar for him and we were so excited hubby and I gave it to him today on the condition that he knows we will give him something little for his birthday but not as big. OMG he is sooo happy and singing like you wouldn't believe. He doesn't know all the songs but he is trying and it helps him with his reading too because he reads the words. Quinn isn't liking it so much because he can't read but won't even try to learn it... he can sing songs we have on the radio when he tries but is deciding to be a pain to anyone that wants to be on singstar and annoying them.

We are having fun with it though... hubby and I are doing duets etc as well. It came with Singstar Rocks and then they had a 50% off the 80's one and the Singstar Pop... so Corbin knows about the Singstar Rock and Singstar Pop but he doesn't know that we have got the 80's one as well and there is a new one called Athems which we might get later on.

I have been really good with my food in the last week and trying to eat more for breakfast because I don't usually like breakfast and the Boot Camp taught me that maybe I have to sort that out and so... until Tuesday I am on points and then on Wednesday I am going to do No Count for a week and see how I do it. I went through our weekly booklets and chose the meals that I liked and we sorted out a week of recipes and we are going to stick to that... maybe I will like that. It will be weird not to point it and eat until I am full but I am going to try it.

I brought some frozen berries to make smoothies and we tried one the other night OMG BLISS it was soooo devine. Can't wait to have more this coming week for breakfasts.

We went out with work last night. It was for drinks and nibbles with the parents and staff. It was so nice to get dressed up with a skirt etc. I brought a new skirt yesterday and it was a brown skirt (that was a little crinkly) and it had sequins on it and I felt soooo beautiful and QUESS what!!!! It was a size 20 a 20 20 20 20. I have come from 26 to 24 to 22 and now I am in a 20 sized skirt. I wore it was a black top that had a singlet underneath and a see through top on top.. it was soooo sexy feeling with high heels and my long black coat.... And hubby couldn't stop touching me all night he he he. But the only problem was that I couldn't stop drinking and I was quite sloshed by the time we were to come home. But I was chatting with a lot of the mothers and found that I get on quite well with them. I should have taken a photo but I forgot to.

Anyway that is enough babbling on for me.

Catch ya tomorrow everyone.

Love ya all


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