Wednesday, 5 January 2005

My feelings on exercise today

I got upset with my husband a few minutes ago! I have stopped exercising! It happens to me every time! When someone is pushing me to go and do exercise or I have to do it I back down and back down even worse if I am getting reminded. I know it isn’t his fault as I have asked him to help me and get me going and encourage me and that is what he is trying to do but when he says let’s go for a walk… I cringe and don’t want to do it.

I have been feeling so good with my tummy the last week! I haven’t had to take my losec pills like I have been and my T-Shirt feels baggy on me and when I go out (weekend wise) I feel a little scruffy because the T-Shirt is soooo baggy (in my mind anyway). I think my decision to not weigh myself has been better because I am not getting stressed about how much I have lost or if I haven’t lost getting mad because I haven’t. Whereas I just feel at the moment that I am loosing weight and nothing else can convince me otherwise because I feel good.

Anyway enough of my moaning.

Well I think I have done really well with food... even though I might have gone over a bit but I felt happy because I didn't want to snack like I usually do and also I felt full on my one homemade burger at home and usually I could have eaten two burgers with no sweet but felt really full with this one. It was so yummy looking that I ate it a little fast and should have eaten is slower.


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