Monday, 17 January 2005

Kickboxing better!! Yayyy

Feeling not so good today.. maybe not enough sleep... haven't been getting enough sleep lately. Quite Grumpy and withdrawn. (that was in the morning)

3 Fruit Toast (Quite small in size) (4.5)
1 Margarine (1)
TOTAL: 5.5

1 Watermelon (.5)
10 Rice Crackers (1)
TOTAL: 1.5

Lettuce, onion, mushroom, pickle, radish, Tomatoe (0)
Tuna (in oil naughty I know) (2)
Cottage Cheese (tablespoon) (1)
Cheese WW (1)

Vegetable Slice (WW magazine)(had another little bit) (6.5)
WW Chocolate Sponge (2)
Total: 8.5

Plus did Kickboxing tonight. I really enjoyed it tonight and was sweating more than I had been the last time. I think I enjoyed it more because I was now used to this lady and she seemed a little more on to it than she was on Thursday night.

My BLONDE friend was really supportive today. I still don't trust her and that is really bad for a friend to say I know... just that she doesn't always tell me the full thing when she is talking to me. It feels like she holds something back and makes me feel uneasy. I don't know why it does and maybe she isn't but I know strange... I should just forget that feeling and get on with things.
Really sore the next morning though OMG.

That gave me 6 points Yayyyy

Didn't use up all my points but I ate sooo much I felt that was ok. I was really full going to bed so that satisfied me.

Chubby Mum

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