Sunday, 23 January 2005

Painting the Fence

Well I didn't write anything yesterday... wasn't that I didn't want to just that we went to a friends place and ended up staying there for quite a time. They just put in a new pool and I was sooo jealous.. not saying they didn’t deserve to have the pool etc but it is so what we wanted for our back yard.. But couldn’t afford just yet… but if we ever decide now they are going to think we copied as they were complaining how one of their neighbors had just done the same thing as them. Well anyway it will happen one day for us.

We achieved so much at home this weekend. I painted half the fence (OMG was that a lot to do but it doesn’t look like it) the weather was really hot and sunny (well it is summer here he he he) and I had a big umbrella on me so I couldn’t get burnt. So I feel like I have done a little bit of exercise. Hubby fixed the lawn mower and we went shopping for some more paint and some stuff to start the retaining wall. We also go my hubby’s birthday present (not till march he he he) outside speakers so he has spent all night fixing them up too. Felt good to get things done around the house and next weekend we will start doing the retaining wall so we can get this back yard looking good.

I feel since I have been on this diet that I have been getting more active. I can’t say I have lost heaps because I haven’t but I can say that I feel energized and my clothes don’t make me want to hold my breath either.

Thank you all my buddies online here! Thank you for the hugs.. and… Thank you for the messages. I am sooo glad that some people are reading because it makes it all more interesting as I feel like I am talking to someone instead of just to an empty world if that all makes sense.
I have started to read this book that sort of scares me as it is soooo big 700 pages long but I want to conquer it. It is called Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. It took a while to get into the book and I hope that I do read it… Trying to be more cultural as talking and thinking about weight loss all the time is making me angrier by the day as I want to think and feel about different things too… If that all makes sense.

I am still thankful every day for my support group (I know this is like the millionth time I have said this) but they keep me on the straight and narrow because every time I think about eating something I shouldn’t then I remember how they are all being good and that the only way to loose this weight is to keep up with it and to make me and them proud! And I am on my way. I am feeling so much better than I have in such a long time! EVEN IF THE SCALES HAVEN’T SAID SO YET he he he…. I hope that this Tuesday I will have lost something! I shall be soooo made and upset if I haven’t because I have been good and I have counted my points too.
Anyway I will say good night and keeping those notes coming and also all of your diaries going so I can keep reading as I love it.

Good Night
Chubby Mum

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