Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Not long till weigh in tonight

Well it is 8.30am on Tuesday (MY WEIGH IN DAY) I am really nervous about tonight.. I am feeling good and feeling like I am doing well... but hey I felt like that last week and I didn't loose as much as I wanted.

I want to be positive and think that I have lost weight but I am scared to do that as well as I don't want to be upset with what the scales say...

Have you ever thought that maybe they rig the scales he he he he so they keep getting money so you don't get to goal just yet so they get more out of ya he he he. I know I know that isn't true and I don't think that WW would do that but sometimes it feels like a scam that we can do so much during the week and really stick to their plan and then you only loose a little.
Now I have to stop thinking like that!

My day today is going to be a long one. In 20 minutes I have to start work upstairs. (I am down in the labs using the computers because if I go upstairs to my office I will get hounded by people he he he)

Well I have other emails and diaries to read before I go to work... so byeee

Chubby Mum

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