Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Weight Watchers First Night Tonight

I have come to the conclusion that I am addicted to writing in here so if I manage to write more than once I am going to do it.

Went to work after a 2 week holiday yesterday and I felt sexy and skinny... he he he he... the fact that I have lost 5 cm around my waist had something to do with it but I got a hair cut on Sunday and she layered it and it got lighter too.. so many people commented at work that it looked good. OMG I was on such a high from that.

Well tonight I am going to Weight Watchers for the first time since 2002. I went and found all my previous WW things last night to see what the damage was and I am like only 2 cm more in most parts of my body that I measured back in 2002... so for a start I don't feel as bad... my starting weight there was 154.7 kilos and here I have been thinking that I would be way up past the 170 mark this time... maybe I am and I shouldn't get my hopes up at all...

To tell you the truth I am rather nervous about it... my tummy is churning this morning thinking about it. I have the BLONDE friend going... which is really nice of her but I can't for the life of me wonder why she is going... maybe it is to look better than me again? hmmmm who knows. She was saying she was 77 kilos... I mean OMG what nut would go to WW with only 77 kilos... that lucky bitch... I have to loose her body weight and more just to be healthy he he he.

The one consolation I have is that I should be getting my monthly this week. I can feel it (cringe) and that would make me heavier... so next week when I weigh in I should at least have something lost he he... but seriously I will be really sticking to it and writing in here so I can keep my feelings open... maybe it will make me realise why I give up after 3 weeks each time.


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