Sunday, 16 January 2005

No Chocolate Cake!!

Well today has been a hectic day! I had the day off without the kids. My hubby and my mum and I went for a 2 hour drive up to friends place. They had all of the group of friends (family and friends) together for a BBQ. It was great to have time away from the boys and to not have to say no don't do that or don't do that... We sat out in the sun by the pool and chatted all day it was just so relaxing. .

I was soooo proud of myself I kept away from the nuts (sitting in front of my face mind you) and the chips and dips too. To tell you the truth I didn't have the urge to eat them. Usually I would have just eaten them because they were there... not that they were even that yummy either.
They had a nice BBQ but had to be careful as most of the stuff there was lathered in cheese and sauces etc. But I was as good as I could have been there. But the crunch came when dessert came out! Yayyyy I avoided it!!! Yayyy I didn't eat any of the lemon meringue or the chocolate cake (that was beckoning me) and I enjoyed that victory so much that when I got home I allowed myself a Weight Watchers caramel sponge... and only 2 points.. I was sooo happy to have something sweet but better for me than the chocolate sponge I had my eye on at the party.
YAYYYY for me!!!

I haven't put my points down today but I do know that I was good!

Have a great night

Chubby Mum

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