Saturday, 15 January 2005

Sounds like bitching but it isn't really!

Changing your lifestyle is really expensive and I can’t really afford it either… but I have a deal with my BLONDE friend… my husband looks after our two boys and her boy while we go to Kickboxing on Monday and Thursday and Weight Watchers on Tuesday and feeds both her son and her when we get back so she said she wanted to give us money for all the food she is eating here…

I said I didn’t feel good about that as you don’t charge friends so she said “OK… this is what is going to happen. I am going to pay for your Weight Watcher fee and gym each week and more…because I would have to spend more on food and then have to cook it for myself so you are helping me out” I said no no more… but that would help me if she paid for the gym and WW so I now get a little more food each fortnight and it pays for my WW and Gym which is good as by the second week on our pay we never have any money so I helps no end.

It feels like I am not paying for it even though we are… The only thing is that seeing her and her son three times a week can some times be a little too much. I like her but her son is a pain in the backside and she lets him get away with murder. I said to her I would take up this arrangement as long as her son abides by my husbands rules when he is here and mine too… just that we have a routine with my boys (ages 5 and 3) and I don’t want my activities to hinder that… (really I don’t want him to show my kids his bad habits)……

I know this is bad to say but the child sleeps with her and hasn’t been in a bed by himself for like a year. Goes to bed at 9 or 10 at night time (he is only 3) and screams at his mum when he wants something and keeps screaming until she gives him what he wants… OMG you would have laughed if you heard me the other day when he was here and they were being naughty so I turned off the TV and he started screaming at me… I let him finish then I said “Zac… I don’t take that in my house, and I certainly will not take that Behaviour aimed at me!” said to my friend “sorry but…?” and she nodded her head… then said “Zac if you want the TV back on then you can sit back in that chair and be quiet… once you are quiet then I will consider turning it back on… you don’t get your way by screaming at me as I WILL NOT take it” he slumped his way back in the chair and was quiet… but I left it a bit before I turned it on.

He knew that screaming didn’t work on me! My friend said… “so now I know he only does that with me only”… I said “OH MY GOD YES you let him get away with it… I know you love him and you hate him feeling bad but he is not using his words he is screaming and crying and you let him get what he wants… so he knows if he doesn’t it loud enough and long enough then you will give him exactly what he wants because you don’t like the sound” So hopefully she has learnt from that… I will tell her if it starts affecting my kids though as they mean the world to me and as far as I am concerned we are raising adults not children… we have to teach them what is acceptable or they will never know.


I know I don't sound like a very good friend but I do like her and there are some good qualities too.. just that most of the other annoying qualities come out instead.. Sometimes I think to myself after reading this that it sounds like I am jealous... not really just annoyed and I don't really know what I am annoyed at!!! Just that life seems to come sooo easy for her and people like me have to work damn hard at things and neglect other things (like our weight). I am also not saying I want her life as I don't because she is just toooo picky and that is why she hasn't found anyone for herself that loves her for her and not for what she looks like... she goes for guys that are superficial and that won't work.

When she broke off her marriage with her husband we went to see how he was doing and he was crying and saying she kept saying that she wished he was more like my husband!!! OMG her husband is like Tom Cruise and a business of his own too... but my husband adores me and the kids and would rather spend time with us than make a lot of money and I am happy with that.. can't take money with you aye... but ever since I heard that I hate her being around him with her swishing blonde hair... I do know that he thinks she is a not a nice person and doesn't like having her around too much so that is good.

Anyway gotta go enough is enough!

Chubby Mum

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