Monday, 10 January 2005

Blonde revisited

Well it has been a couple of days since I have put anything in my diary. I have been transferring all the data from blogdrive as they just haven't got the stuff like here in diaryland. It took me forever and I must admit for the last two days haven't done much diet wise. I don't think I have been totally off and eating badly just not thinking about it really.

Today is my first day back at work and I am in the computer labs downstairs before I go up to my office. I find that when I am in the labs I don't get stuck into work before I have to be. I don't actually start till 9am and with my eldest son being off school and I had to take my husband to work by 8am I have an hour to myself (OMG what joy). So I suppose this will be a good time to update here on Chubby Mum.

Felt so blah yesterday and thought that I would help my blonde friend out with getting her computer up and running. I must sound like a bitch when I talk of her. I really don't even know why I do... she isn't that bad. I just feel like everything is a competition. She probably doesn't even think it is a competition. She left her husband a year ago and has got a really nice 2 bedroom unit for her and her son and it is really good for just the two of them. But now she is thinking she might buy a bigger house. I mean get of the grass!!!! Her son is 3 and he isn't even sleeping in his own bed he is sleeping in with her so there is the second bedroom just full of his stuff and she is never home to even be in the house. I just don't get it. Hubby said that it is just that she wants to have what we do... yeah but she did when she lived with her husband and he was earning (in his own business) over $100,000 a year... OMG.

Yeah I suppose when I read that again I am jealous. But then again I am not... I think I am jealous because of her telling her ex husband (when they were together mind you) that she wished he was more like my husband... OMG that just got me! I love my husband but he is far from bringing home the money that blonde's did and also blonde's hubby was like Tom Cruise in looks for Christ sake. My hubby said that it is because we have such a great relationship and we talk and are still like we only met yesterday (even though we have been together 16 years). Maybe she wants the love.

She came over on New Year's Eve and another couple was there and Pam said "what do you want to achieve in 2005" and blonde said "to get married" OMG she is only just separated... and she is thinking of getting married. I don't quite understand... it is like she can't be by herself. We asked her what her ideal man would be and all she was telling us was the physical side and not what he was as a person. I said to her "don't you think that what you are looking for you already had in your ex? You haven't told us about the personality of the person just what he will look like" felt like telling her she was shallow.

Anyway enough ranting... this is supposed to be about my life style change. Actually it is good getting this out and not worrying who is going to read it because I am not going to tell any of my friends.

I am starting weight watchers tomorrow night. Was talking to hubby and I am only going to be with them 6 weeks so I can get as much weight off as I can and learn all the good habits. Just that for those six weeks it will cost of $100 OMG and I can't keep that up for the rest of the year. Especially when I only work part time.

Anyway enough of my babbling... better get some other stuff done.


P.S... I am dressed in such a nice flowy red skirt today and top that is quite revealing in the top... feeling quite sexy. I do feel like since 16 December I have lost something... feeling good about myself. I just hope someone at work mentions that I look nice today. ho hum.

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