Thursday, 13 January 2005

First night of Kick Boxing

Ok... so I am really enjoying this diary! I really love the fact that people are leaving me notes too THANK YOU!!

It keeps me going! I get all excited to be able to write in here. If I let myself I would write in here 50 times a day.

Well the biggest highlight of my day is wait for it........ Kickboxing class. OH My God I feel like I am dying at the moment with my muscles. We got there and the lady was like... oh I don't know an army sergeant... she was like muscle, skinny and she sounded like she was instructing an army platoon. And when she said to stretch your thighs.... she did the splits CAN YOU BELIEVE IT me and BLONDE just raised our eyebrows and then couldn't stop laughing.
Well here we go again.

It has taken me a while this morning to upload my tracking! But I have been good and I have put it in my tracker... it goes with me everywhere.. I am a little confused on one of the pages though with the weekly planner on it and a tomatoe, foot, and heart... I assume you say what happened in one sentence for that one day... so you can see the week in whole... like if you wanted to know how much exercise you did hmmmm.

So here goes:

Now keep in mind that we started on Tuesday and I haven't been able to go and get groceries yet. I have to work within what is in the fridge.

2 Toast (3)
1 tsp Margarine (1)
Meat (1)
TOTAL: (5)

2 Cornbeef sandwiches (sliced thinly) (10)
TOTAL: (10)

Peach (.5)
Rice Crackers 10 (1)
TOTAL: (1.5)

Nachos with Beef and Beans and Peas (10.5)
TOTAL: (10.5)

GRAND TOTAL: 27 Points

Also going to kickboxing tonight for 60 minutes.(5 pts)

I am going to do this!!! Look out 6 kilos your gonna be gone by February 22nd.
To tell you the truth I am a little mad with myself about lunch but I was soooo hungry and I did do all the exercise....

Chubby Mum

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