Thursday, 27 January 2005

A break now and then!

I read other peoples diaries and I sit here thinking I am not as knowledgeable as them. I feel like I know nothing and I know my spelling is really bad too.

It is a long weekend here this weekend and my mum (who lives with us now that Dad has died)is going away for the weekend to her friends. It will be good in a way for me and my husband and boys to have time to us. I will miss her heaps and sometimes I get the feeling that she thinks I want her to go but it isn't that. It is just that most people can have their husband and kids and not have their mother telling you how to do things and how you should raise your children every single day.

Sometimes we need the break and I don't think she understands that. I wouldn't want to not have her living with us but would like a break now and then to feel like this is my family and not that we are living with her... does that make any sense?

Been an ok day today!

I went to my kick boxing class tonight but found out during the long weekend our Monday class isn't on OMG that sucks really bad... I have finally got into a routine and grrr.

Plus my BLONDE friend can't go next week as she has a work dinner on so that makes next week so frustrating. I thought that it would be an interesting weigh in just to see how much the kick boxing is helping me anyway. So we shall see.

I know that most of you won't want to read the next bit but did anyone else find when they started eating better that they went to the toilet more (if you know what I mean) just feels like I am more regular than I used to be he he he... really strange I know but maybe I am doing the right thing after all huh?

Wish that Weight Watchers would bring their magazine out more than once a month or between two months what ever it does.. I would love to buy more as they keep me going. Anyway... that isn't going to happen but thought I would say it here.

Anyway gotta go now... getting really late and I am a tired little pixie.

See ya
Chubby Mum

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