Tuesday, 18 January 2005

Fuck is how I am feeling tonight

Ok so I went to my WW meeting!!! And was really upset with the loss.

I tell you I stuck to it religiously and did 2 sessions of kickboxing (2 hours) and 20 minute walk that walk and did I mention that I really stuck to it and didn’t have any chocolate or biscuits and didn’t do anything I wasn’t supposed to and I only lost….. did I mention that I really stuck to it before I tell you how much!!!????

I only lost a mere 0.4 of a kilo (0.88 of a pound) . I know what you all will say you lost something at least you lost something!!! You didn’t gain!!! F%$%# I really did everything this week! I really tried and I counted everything and I did the exercise.. more than I have ever in any other diet (sorry change of lifestyle)!!! And I drank all my water too. And the first time I went to weight watchers last time I lost 3 kilos…6.6 pounds, and I barely even tried that time.

My BLONDE friend lost 1.4 kilos (3 pounds) and she went over in her points twice TWICE!! And really Badly yet she lost that much… My husband before I went said you watch she will loose more just to piss you off. But to her credit she was really good about it with me and she tried to make me feel better and said that next week it will be more.. and it isn’t her fault at all.

I know all the facts about muscle weighs more than fat but loosing it on the scale is what I wanted for my first week to give me a boost! That is all I wanted… it isn’t like I wanted to loose like 10 kilos… I just wanted 1 kilo, just 1 kilo!!!

So I am really disconcerted and angry today…

Just thought I would write that.

Chubby Mum

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