Friday, 14 January 2005

Customer Service huh

Well I got up this morning!! Can't say I wanted to mind you... Sore in the tummy from the crunches.Yet another day in paradise and this morning I have been ok with food. Getting used to this points thing now... have to do it so much write it down or I will be naughty... All I can say is that I have put a lot of effort this week so far... hope it works.

1 Bagel (3.5)1
Margarine 1/2 tsp (1)
TOTAL: 4.5

Chuba Chub Sugar free Lollipop (.5)
V (2)
TOTAL: 2.5

Chili Con Carne (4.5)
Lettuce, Tomato, Beetroot, (0)
4 cashews (1)tbs Cheese (1)
TOTAL: 6.5

10 Rice Crackers (1)

Chicken Fried (no grease) (2)
Rice, boiled (2.5)
Lettuce, Beetroot, Radish, Mushrooms, Onion, Pickles (0)
TOTAL: 4.5

10 Rice Crackers (1)
Rum and Coke (3) (needed it tonight)


I didn't have a good afternoon with a creep that overcharged us and then wouldn't give a refund that I want to binge and eat something now... I went to the council about the overcharge and they are sorting it out.

Story goes like this: I have never been as mad as this! We went to the refuse station last week and they overcharged us by $12 and mum just got her bank statement so she kept her receipts… phoned a guy there this morning he said come in and we will give a refund.

Got there this afternoon to get the refund and this old ARSEHOLE was there… said that we were talking to his son this morning and he will not give a refund but will let us go through for free… said it wasn’t that much over and it is our fault we didn’t check. (OMG we have been to this place like only 3 times in 15 years why would I want to go back there again?)

I was just about to speak and he said hold on I am not finished… got really rude with me… so he had lots of people in line waiting. So I made sure I was loud enough for them to hear and said “so you are telling me you put the wrong amount on eftpos and then you are going to cheat us out of money!!! My mum is a pensioner and can’t just shell it out like that… and how are they people on going to know that we are supposed to go for free! Plus then you still owe us $4…. I said No we want our money… and then proceeded to tell him he hasn’t even looked at the receipt and he said for all he knows it is not even for here (the refuse station).. I said we have the receipt with your GST on it and the eftpos with the same time on it “we can’t be in two places at once” he said no he will not give the money… so really loudly I said "fine I will go to the council". and we did!
Was in the council 5 seconds and they said yes madam you will get a cheque sent out on Monday, as they can’t arrange it for today… saw the receipt and that was that… OMG I am fuming!!!! I am gritting my teeth and just want to slap that guy in the face… that he could be so rude to us when I hadn’t said a word and that it wasn’t his money in the first place.. I said I will not go back there again!!! And I will tell everyone I know about how rude they are!

I don't usually get like this but I just want to snack at the moment... that is why I am writing in here so I won't do that. Anyway that is it for me.

Love Chubby Mum.

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