Monday, 3 January 2005

Want to chat

I want to write in this blog today so much!

I just want to say how my day is going so far.

I have had Special K this morning for breakfast with banana and it was yummy. Usually all I have is toast and not really wanting that as it is. My hubby has given me my water and was told to drink so he is at least supporting me in this.

I put on some three quarter pants today that I haven't worn in a while and it wasn't as tight as I thought it would have been. Now I am not saying I have lost lots of weight but feeling so much better around the tummy where it isn't so tight and feeling like I am suffocating.

It feels good that I am not doing a diet I am just making better choices. Plus I haven't told my mum I am on a diet just subtly making the dinners better and she doesn't realise it is healthier. My mum lives with us since Dad died and she doesn't understand that a tablespoon of margarine on veges and everywhere else is not good. She thinks that if you cook meat in grease it isn't bad for you she thinks that all you need to do is put it on napkins and all the grease will magically fall off. So these holidays have been good as hubby and I have been cooking instead of her and so it has been healthier.

Anyway I will post again later on tonight.

Chubby Mum

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