Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Tracking 11 Jan 05

Yes it is me again!! Woohooo

Well I am feeling quite excited but daunted this morning (if that is the right word for it).
I am looking forward to loosing this weight and was chatting with hubby last night and my first mini goal for the 22 February 2005 (date by WW leader) is 6 kilos. That is a kilo a week and I know I can do this.

Hubby said that if I get to this first goal that he will organise a romantic evening for me for the week after achieving the 6 kilos.

The thing that is worrying me the most is actually using up all the 26 points... OMG that is a lot of food.

So far I have eaten

1 poached Egg (1.5 pts)
2 Toast (3 pts)
Margarine 1 tsp (1 pts)
TOTAL = 5.5 pts

V (2 pts)
Arnotts Cruskits (3 for 1.5 pts)
Tomatoe (o pts)
Pepper (0 pts)
Nashi (1 pt)
TOTAL = 4.5 pts

2 Bread (3 pts)
Mince (2.5 pts)
TOTAL = 5.5 pts

Corn silverside (3 pieces) (3 pts)
Potatoe (2 little) (3 pts)
Carrots (0 pts)
Cabbage (0 pts)
Onion (0 pts)
TOTAL = 6 pts

WW Chocolate Sponge Pudding (2 pts)
TOTAL = 2 pts


I went for my 2x10 today and feel really good about it... It wasn't at a fast pace but it feels good. Bit worried about my ankles as they are not happy afterwards...hmmm don't know what to do about that... I suppose when the weight comes off then that will get better.


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