Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Crap Crap!!

I went for a walk today and I went for a walk on Sunday and last Thursday I did kick boxing and I have kept to my points again and this week I gained 300 grams… I really don’t get this weight watcher plan!!! I really don’t.

Even talked to hubby and he can’t work out why either. We have been so good and our portions have been what the weight watcher book has said as we are using weight watcher recipes…
I have had my water too. Ok I didn’t do kick boxing on Monday as they were closed but I went for a walk to replace it. Basically my week has sucked…

I am thinking about changing my points system to be like this plan ( and seeing if it works for me because this is certainly not working… I am going to keep up with what I have been doing with weight watchers for the next week and work out the days that I want more food and the days that I don’t really need to have as much and see if it works.

I have tried hard and I know you guys are probably sitting there saying the scales don’t lie but believe me... I tried… first week I lost 400 grams and second week I lost 2.3 kilos and this week I gained 300grams… it just doesn’t make sense and the meals were all planned and points accounted for and portions weren’t over what was suggested for the meals either. Also my husband cooked them all and he is doing it by the book so I don't have a chance to cheat and he is giving me the lunches and snacks too so I can get on the right track.

This is by no means an email to say I am quitting because I am not. I am tracking and I am keeping my journal and I am reading motivational journals and diaries and I am trying with the exercise. I even walked my son to school today which had some hills to it to get there and that was a half an hour walk. I was sweating like anything with this hot weather too. I had a cold bath 20 minutes before going to the meeting and was told that with all the heat that my body might have stored the water and it could have held the weight… now that is not saying that this is an excuse because it isn’t but hey ya never know.

Anyway onward and downward for the next week.


Chubby Mum

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