Thursday, 10 February 2005


Tell me do you have kids? OMG tonight my husband had to do some work on a businesses database and so the night has NOT worked smoothly at all. My youngest son just decided to be the child from hell and now is crying in his bed because he doesn't want to go to sleep. I feel like a big meany but it is my time now. Is that bad?
I went shopping with my mum today and I can't wait... Can't wait to go and buy Lingerie when I am small. OMG if you are a big person you will know how hard it is to buy nice undies and bra that is in your size and isn't black, white or OMG puke colour! I want to be able to go in and not feel like someone is thinking "you should not be here lady nothing will fit" Oh like I don't wear undies or a bra... I want to go in and buy something with pretty little daisies on it or something in a pink colour or a lovely teal colour... I don't know something that matches and something that says Wooooo lady you look good.
OK yeah that is laughable at this time but one day I am going to go to a place that sells that pretty stuff and buy buy buy.
Yayyy hubby just got back and said that the guy he was doing the database for has offered his batch at Whangamata for the weekend.. Woohooo for us!!! so we are going away for the weekend...
Anyway I have got 27 emails I have to catch up so I will see ya later...
Ciao for nowChubby Mum
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