Saturday, 5 February 2005

Question: When reading your favourite Journals....

When reading your favorite weight loss journals/blogs:
1. Name one thing that you like the most about them.
I like that they are people just like me and I can relate to them. That if they can do it and they were my size then I can and I have to just keep going. I know that I have only lost 2.4 kilos (5.28 pounds) but I am on my way… and hey you have to start somewhere. I used to get frustrated (when I was dieting years ago)when I didn’t either loose enough or gain and now I am voicing that I don’t like it but I am not really that upset that I will not keep going. I think it is because of reading the weight loss journals and also that they are encouraging me too and they don’t really know me as a person just what they are reading. I makes me feel on a high to read theirs as it is like reading about my life. I don’t want to be like me anymore… I want to be a better me.
It is also good to read about their day and not have to respond!!! Meaning sometimes you want to hear that people are going through the same thing but just don’t want to respond just yet… ummm like…. when you have a friend over and she is telling you what a crap day she is having etc but you don’t really want to answer (even though you sympathise with them) but you just want to listen and sort of want to know what they think they can do to help themselves… I suppose I am not making any sense…. Not that I don’t want to answer because I am a bitch but because sometimes I want to hear their problems and know I have the same problems and it makes you think of how you can change your life now that it isn’t as big of a deal for you as everyone goes through it…GEESH I can ramble on he he he.
2. Name one thing that you don't like about them.
I don’t like that I can’t tell if they are telling the truth… but I look back at what I am writing and know that I have said everything that was going on and how I am feeling so why wouldn’t they be doing the same thing. I hate it that I don’t have a friend that is close by that is the same weight and going through the same thing as me that I can go to meetings with and to be as friendly with and as encouraging with as the journals I put notes in. I think I am doing this journaling because I am lonely and the people on the net are giving me the encouragement that I need… not that my lovely husband isn’t giving me encouragement but you know that your other half is always going to say what you want to hear and if you hear it from someone else it is like well maybe they are right ya know.
3. Name one thing that you would like to see in them.
More photos of people… more about their gut feelings on how they are going to achieve this and what they have realllly struggled with along the way. Like what is holding them back and how they are dealing with that.. maybe they could have lost more and know why they didn’t… Maybe someone who has tried like I have with the exercise and the food and didn’t loose or gained like I have and really doesn’t understand why they did either… I am not too sure about this question really… I wouldn’t be reading them if I didn’t like what was in there.. I get’s to be a bit of addiction really and wish that sometimes they would write more than one entry as I love reading about them.
So that is what I think... haven't re read to see if it sounds right he he he.
OMG It is sooo hot here today I am just not happy ;-(

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