Sunday, 6 February 2005

Hens Party

I was really bad food wise today. But I went to a hens party from 12noon till 6pm and had a fantastic time. We went to the members lounge of the racing track... it was fantastic and I had so much fun and too much alcohol and food but I have been really good for a month so I didn't really mind at all.I actually one a trifector he he he and won $11.50 LOL.
So maybe this weeks weigh in isn't going to be good... but hey there is always next week. Plus when I am being really good I bloody gain!!!
I am feeling bitter about weight loss today! I just can't understand how people gain when they are being good.
Oh well I can't wait for Monday to go back to kick boxing OHHHH Yayyy
See ya... not really in the right mood to write on here tonight.

CIAO Chubby Mum

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