Thursday, 24 February 2005

Back on track with Support Group

Wow what a day!! All I can say is that I am back in my support group. I had emails and things are sorted and it was great to know that I am liked in the group. I had my doubts sometimes but I am glad that I am back there. I did miss talking to them as really they are nice people and we are supposed to be there through thick and thin.
I am still not happy about the person that wrote the message to all of us and she has not apologised for what she had written to all of us, but when I read what the others had written to her about what they felt then I realised it wasn't just me that felt like that.
The moderator apologised and said that she should have thought about what was in the email before she agreed with all of the stuff said. She did say some of the things that the person said she did agree with (and that is fair enough she is allowed an opinion) but that the way the email was written was rude etc.
So at least we all said what we had to say and now things are going back to normal... well I hope back to normal as we did achieve quite a lot and even though we all (me included) whined a bit about some stuff we have all lost weight and still haven't put back on the weight.
I do thank the two people (Zoe and Missie) for the support and the fact that they thought about me and emailed me to see how I was. I was a little dissapointed that the moderator didn't care enough to check up on me after I had unsubscribed as we talked to each other more than some of the others did.. it was dissapointing.
Now anyway there was a quote that I like in all this and that is "So cry me a river, build a bridge and get the fuck over it? No...cry me a river and I'll grab your hand and help you swim." This wonderful lady Tallisman turned the horrible sentence from the mad woman and turned it into a better support group quote.
The person that said the lovely quote said that we are supposed to be there to help and that the other person would let people drown and think they were silly instead of helping them out of the situation. Way to go Tallisman! {{big kisses}}.
Anyway... I had a great day today. We have jetstream now and it is sooo much faster to download things I am sooo happy.
Well I have been drinking my water today and I got a compliment from a 65 year old (my mothers friend).
She hasn’t seen me for a while and said OMG are you on a diet cause your face has slimmed down and your tummy too… OMG on cloud nine I was today.
I have also started a support group for people that want to chat and want to loose the weight and have others listen and support. So if you want to join then please email me and I will send you an invitation. Marilynn welcome and thanks for your email and support.
Chubby Mum

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