Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Support what does it really mean?

Hey... does anyone want to start a support group with me? I have just left the one I am in as I am tired of the bitchyness there... they are a great bunch of people do not get me wrong but it is getting to the stage where I am too scared to say anything for fear of people getting upset. It is like we can’t say when we have a bad day or a good day. Some people are moaning because the only time people post is when they have lost or are having a great day. Then there are others complaining that they can keep on the diet for the last couple of weeks and they haven’t gone off the wagon.
Life style change is about ups and downs and people should feel free to post when they feel up and down. That is why when I write in my diary here I LOVE it… I LOVE it because I can be completely honest and if I am having a bad day then I can say that in here and it is my opinion and if others don’t like it then they don’t have to read. But when I am having a good day I like to write in here too…. Thank you for your support… I cannot stress that enough I have had really great feedback from you all and such caring people understanding what I am going through as I guess most of you are going through it or have been through it.
This is what someone started off saying :::::
“I am sick and tired of most of you coming in here and complaining. I don't need a group of complainers. I feel like all you do is sit there and bitch about having another bad day/week and making excuses for yourself so that you don't feel so bad about the fact that you made the conscious decision to sabotage you efforts. I have not fallen of the wagon once and I know that I won't. And, even if I do, I only have one person to blame and that is myself, not stress from work, not my period, not my cravings, and not my addicition. What I put in my mouth is my choice.” :::::::::::::::::::
OMG we didn’t get to this stage in our lives (FAT) by being perfect little beings!!! We got here because we were complainers or lazy or bad eating habits.. and I am the first to admit that I am (have been) all of those.
But lifestyle changes take time and we can’t loose all the habits at once it takes time to change our ways. I have just gotten tired of the group because in the last couple of weeks that is all that is happening that people are getting upset with others and want, want, want it to be perfect and it is not perfect this journey we are on IT IS JUST NOT!!!.
It is great to have the support and to be able to say what you want and have people praise you or tell you come on now lets do this you can do this… it just takes time to change that chocolate habit or that no exercise problem, one thing at a time. For now I am concentrating on the exercise three times a week so that is so much of a habit I can’t do anything else. Plus to get the water down my gob… OMG that is hard for me and then doing the food… don’t get me wrong I am doing the WW points system and I am sticking to it but there are things I could improve on.
Yes it is a conscious decision when you eat that ice-cream or do anything else that is not good for your change but they did it and needed to tell someone so that someone can say ok… you did it now lets get back on the horse or what about trying this instead. Because in the process of helping them it makes you a stronger person that makes you start thinking before you touch that naughty food. Not I am sick and tired of you!!! GRRRRRR I can’t believe how angry I am.
This was her last paragraph "Oh whoa is me I have to deprive myself of eating everything in sight. I have to exercise. BooHoo I am not like other people who can eat whatever they want." Suck it up damn it! So what? Cry me a river, then build a bridge and get the fuck over it.”
Now does that sound like she wants to support anyone? I tell you I was soooo pissed off that I wrote an email and then I unsubscribed. I really looked forward to the emails about how people are going and how much they had lost and they were all doing so well, and yes there were some ups and down that is for sure… but hey that is all in the process. I would hate to be a friend of hers as she has no sympathy about the situation that WE ARE ALL GOING THROUGH.
So that said… if there is anyone that wants to start this journey with me and wants to be in a support group that will listen, plus have monthly challenges then come on and tell me as I would like to have a SUPPORT group as I need the constant emails and the constant friendship… Let’s do this?
Wow that was a long entry for me… and would like your feedback please… be gentle.
Chubby Mum
posted on 10:30 a.m

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