Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Yayyy school's back today

My oldest son started back at school today (5 1/2 years old) he was sooo happy and couldn't wait. I tell you he was counting down the days that is for sure. A lot of his class from last term were still in the group there were some that weren't and they were mainly the ones that were quite roudy so I was really pleased. It looks like the bunch of kids they have are really good. He was happy to be back with his friend Sam and the glow in his face to be there was fantastic.
I didn't update last night as it was just too hot here OMG there was no breeze and we were sweating like anything all day. I hate days like that. I have my weigh in tonight and I am really scared. I keep feeling like I haven't kept to my points but I have really. I have had a couple of days with dessert (WW desserts though) but if feels like I cheated even though they were in my points.

I walked my son to school and walked back today and there is a hill in it to and was sweating like a pig when I got to school and then walked home again. A good half an hour walk I would say so that was good. I didn't go to kick boxing last because it was a long weekend and they didn't have the classes going. I was sooo angry about that but hey we went for a walk in the morning so that was ok. It doesn't get my heart rate up as I tend to be lazy when I do the walking but with the kick boxing I do more as I know people are watching and I cannot get out of the hour class without feeling like a failure so I do it.

I have been really thinking about my BLONDE friend lately. I do speak negatively about her in here.. now it isn't that I don't like her I really do and I really love the fact that she is sticking with me through this and going to the gym with me too.

I had a friend (really good friend that is trueful and straight to the point) that said sometimes she thinks that BLONDE is only friends with me because I am a big person and it makes her look good... and everytime I have tried to loose weight she starts on a diet or a exercise regime too... and I kind of thought about that and she is right but maybe she is doing it to get closer to me as sometimes I don't want to let her in. I have this don't fully trust her attitude and it isn't all that good to do that either. I don't even know why I don't trust her maybe it is because I feel like she is competing with me all the time and anytime I say something that I want to do or have she gets it first.. yes it is nice to know she likes my taste but it gets to the stage that I don't want to tell her anything.

I feel so good for doing the exercise today. So far this morning I had the WW fruity cerealMilk
BananaCafe Latte Yoghurt 99%fat free soo yummy

and hubby is now making a cheese sandwich as I really want some cheese today yummy.
and my water of course.

It is such a hot day already and it is only 12 o'clock.

Anyway I might leave it for now till I come back from WW and see how much I have either gained or lost.. hmmmm bit scared!

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