Saturday, 19 February 2005


Have you ever had a day where you just felt grumpy!! That is how I feel this morning and nothing can get me out of it. I am in such a bad mood that I can feel the wrinkles. I think it is because I feel like I am getting a cold. I feel tired and bitchy and moody and I haven't had that many emails and I just wanted to read emails this morning and there is hardly anyone. So that is how I feel today!!!
I might write a little more this afternoon... but I don't know if I will be any less grumpier.
Chubby Mum
OK I am back and feeling less grumpy after morning tea with friends. Isn’t it funny how when you listen to others problems yours don’t seem so bad at all. I woke up in such a mood but after going to morning tea with my work friends I don’t feel so bad.
A couple of them are going through an atrocious time with their bosses that I just wanted to go and hug my boss. I really love working here.. I know where I stand and if she has a problem she is straight forward and you know that she is the sort of person that is for policies and rules and that she doesn’t stray from them and it keeps me in the know because as long as I am doing things right then there is no problem. She is easy to talk to and really I haven’t EVER had a boss that I have gotten on so well with. She is mindfull to let me do my job knowing that I will do it and that she can get on with hers… and there aren’t that many bosses out there that do that.
So really the day is starting to turn around a little. Yayyyy
Thanks Janine for your email! I am glad someone saw it this morning and it cheered me up too. P.S I hope you get that job hun!!! I really do!.
Yayyy it is Friday.. .and the funny thing is is that I don’t usually update in here till night time after all the stuff for the day has happened but I am in a writing mood.
Been really slack with the water this week and I just want a V to wake me up. I am not too sure if other countries have V’s so if you do please tell me as it would be interesting to know. I don’t have coffee in summer that much so V’s keep me going through the day.
Anyway I am going to update again later... I feel like writing sooo much today.
Ciao (for now) P.S don't forget to put yourself on my Guestmap (down the bottom) would love to know who is reading. THANKS
Chubby Mum

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