Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Weigh in day

Well this was my weigh in night and I have been fretting about it all day because of the hen's party in the weekend you just wouldn't believe.
I lost.... I lost.... I lost.... 1.7 kilos. I can't believe that I have lost that this week. Maybe it will catch up on me next week. But I am going to be sooooo diligent this week and count everything and drink all my water to get myself back on track. OMG I am on my way to my mini goal of 6 kilos by the 22 February 2005.
Thank you to all that have been reading my diary. I have had a couple of emails from fellow New Zealanders and I am soooo happy about this. All the encouragement I can get and I can give is only going to make loosing the weight all the better.
Well after 22 February 2005 goal of 6 kilos is loosing 4 more kilos before the 11 April 2005 as I want to drive down to Wellington for my friends auction on the Mitre 10 Dreamhome houses and have her see a difference in me. I know that people I live with are not going to notice the difference as much as they live with me but if my friend notices then it will be a huge buzz for me to keep going.
Anyway I want to keep going and writing but hubby is moaning that it is 10pm and we need to get an early night (at least once this month he he he).
Ciao for now
Chubby Mum
posted on 9:54 p.m

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